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That’s because high achievers with names nearer to the beginning of the alphabet have been linked to educational attainment and higher incomes. "Those in the lower quarter of the alphabet will be lost in the bottom of the pile if you start at the top," the Queen Mary and University of Texas team wrote. Negative associations from words such as "Little" or “Bugg" should be avoided in screen names, the British and American researchers said, though they said playful-sounding names such as "Fun2bwith" appeared to be effective.

Schreffler also advises against usernames that might make you look like a show-off. When in doubt, Schreffler says: "Choose one or two key facts [about yourself], and insert them into your headline.

"The purpose of a tagline is to create an icebreaker for users to reach out to you," Donaldson says. This works, because, again, you're keeping them guessing." Summarizing Yourself Boooooring. When describing yourself, be specific and avoid cliches, too.

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