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It is included with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.Share Point Workspace 2010 provides anytime interactive access to document libraries and lists on designated Share Point sites and options for creating Groove peer workspaces and Shared Folder workspaces.In this article: To maintain performance, the number of documents that Share Point Workspace users can store in Share Point Workspace is limited to approximately 500 documents.If users exceed this limit, Share Point Workspace displays a warning message every time users start Share Point Workspace to remind them to free up disk space.For some time I have been meaning to post about Share Point Workspace 2010.This application was introduced as part of Office 2010, though it is partly based on the older Office Groove software. I re-opened the document in Word by double-clicking and hit save. I am so conditioned to this kind of rigmarole that I rarely try this now. One is that the ability to get at your Share Point documents offline, and to have a kind of additional backup, really is a huge feature, and I prefer one that works badly than to be completely without it.Office 365 includes Microsoft's One Drive for Business where different organizations do not share a common security infrastructure and where offline access is important, and amongst teams of knowledge workers, such as consultants who need to work securely on client sites.

For an overview of Share Point Workspace 2010, see Share Point Workspace 2010 overview.

If you have an existing Microsoft account, you already have One Drive.

Anyone can sign up for a One Drive account with One Drive account.

If you have problems while administering Microsoft Share Point Workspace 2010, you may be able to resolve them by following prescribed steps.

This article suggests resolutions to issues that you may encounter.

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