Tv dating australian tennis 40

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In a slick new TV commercial in the US, Mark Philippoussis looks earnestly into the camera and proclaims: "When I do find the right person I will give everything to her".The ad is the launching pad for US TV network NBC's slick promotional campaign for its new dating reality show, starring the Australian playboy and tennis star.

"They don't look their age," he confessed, with equal parts shock and awe.

He had just broken up with 19-year-old fiancee, Miami actress model-actress Alexis Barbara, so the older women came as a shock.

"I knew what he was walking into and he didn't," the show's producer, JD Roth, said today.

Charging.' He claimed that he was describing Williams' aggressive play, but that's not how viewers interrupted the remark.

Viewers instead believed Adler was referring to Williams, an African-American, as a 'gorilla,' not 'guerrilla'.

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